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Posted on 07-03-2017

6 Intelligent Ways to Improve Your Child's Attention, Memory and Behavior

Children with behavioral, academic or social issues often require additional parental time and attention.  Often a brother of sister will feel left out, ignored or not appreciated. Your family structure doesn’t have to move in this direction. You can offer support to your other children by following these guidelines:

1.  Have open exchange

When kids get older and they begin to notice differences between themselves and their sibling, they often ask questions. Whenever a parent is asked about these differences the honestly is the best policy.  Don’t ignore your child’s questions.  Speak to them directly and openly discuss the situation of your child who is dealing with the condition.  It’s important that you help other siblings understand that the behavior of his or her sister or brother is due to a real condition or issue, so you can help other children to understand this too. This will help reduce conflict in your home as well as potential bullying by others.

2.  Develop healthy boundaries

Sometimes when kids aren’t getting enough attention at home, they begin to act out. It is hard to discipline a child who is acting out when you know they are only doing this to get your attention, but you have to anyway. If you don’t address this issue it will only get worse and it will continue.  It’s important to talk to your child and ask why they may be feeling left out and why this behavior is not helpful.  Then you can acknowledge their motivation behind the action. It’s also important to provide them with other positive ways of doing things they feel they need more attention – you might come up with a gesture or a word that tells them you know they need your undivided attention and just being aware of each other’s feelings helps a lot. 

3.  Spend family time together

Every family benefits from spending more time together, especially when there is a child struggling and other children are involved. Find activities the family can do taking hiking together or going for a walk, playing game, or just singing your favorite songs. Try to include every family member so your children know it’s is possible to enjoy each other’s company.  This helps break down the “me vs. the world” mindset that children with challenges who have brothers and sisters don’t feel alone. You convert family time into educational moments where brothers and sisters have a chance to offer their support. A brother or sister of a child struggling with dyslexia could spend time reading out loud from their favorite book. This helps build a group approach to any challenges a child might face and it helps a lot to know their siblings have a strong bond with them. 

4.  Celebrate accomplishments

When a child cleans their bedroom without you asking or brings home an A on their exam, this would be a great time to celebrate with the family. These accomplishments can sometimes escape parents who are often overwhelmed by the needs of a child, who’s struggling, but the brother or sister who needs acknowledgment should be recognized.  Find time to attend your child’s basketball or softball game so you can cheer for them too.  The more you celebrate all your children the better they will feel about themselves and the safer and more loved they will feel in their relationship with you.

5. Talk to their guidance counselor

If your child is struggling, talk to their guidance counselor and ask if there are any support groups for your child who has greater needs in the class and at home. When they meet other kids who are going through the same challenges, they won’t feel alone, and this can be very rewarding.

Every family goes through difficult times with a child who has to face issues related to ADHD, learning disorders or processing disorders. Remember, children with who face extra challenges will grow up to be compassionate and understanding compassionate human beings.

6.  Brain Health Center

We offer a comprehensive program that combines physical and sensory motor treatment with healthy nutrition. Each program is individualized for your child, based upon the results of his or her assessment. Omega Brain Health has a plan for kids who struggle.  We can help.

As a parent, it is difficult and sometimes heart wrenching to watch your child struggle.  At Omega Brain Health we have worked with thousands of children and their families and we know we can help yours, too.

Omega Brain Health will develop a comprehensive, personal care plan that will address your child’s challenges.  To learn more about Omega Brain Health and our natural approach, contact us 951-699-5000.

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